freelance marketing technology specialist

Company Overview:
We specialize in technology-driven solutions to help companies make their sales funnels smarter. Our main focus is on leveraging technology, particularly through Google Tag Manager implementations, to optimize sales strategies. It’s important to note that while we focus on technology, we do not deliver advertising.

Job Type: Remote (EU applicants only)
Position Type: Freelance (project-based, flexible hours)
Language: English

About the Role:
We are looking for a skilled and adaptable Marketing Technology Specialist to join our team on a freelance basis. The initial assignments will be primarily focused on the implementation of Consent Mode V2. Therefore, experience with this specific implementation is important. As a freelance specialist, you will play a pivotal role in this implementation and subsequent projects. While the initial focus is on Consent Mode V2, we’re always open to collaborating on projects that align with your passion and ambitions within the marketing technology realm. This role offers the flexibility to explore various projects while contributing your expertise to our core focus on technology-driven sales funnel optimization.

Examples of Tasks:

– Implementation of Consent Mode V2 in Google Tag Manager
– Setting up conversion tracking for Google Analytics 4, Meta, and Google Ads
– Crafting a comprehensive measurement plan and data layer briefing for upcoming website projects

Skills Required:

Must-Have Experience

Proficiency in Google Tag Manager
– Experience with Consent Mode V2 implementation
– Basic understanding of JavaScript or HTML
– Experience with Google Analytics 4

Nice-to-Have Experience

– Knowledge of Google Tag Manager Server-side
– Expertise in Google Ads enhanced conversions
– Familiarity with Looker Studio, BigQuery, Python, SQL

Empresa: FunnelTrack
Local: Remote
Tipo: Freelancer;

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