journalist (student or freelancer) to create a podcast on part-time function

We’re a digital studio with almost a decade of experience, challenges, victories, and failures. It could be said that our core areas of knowledge range from software development and digital marketing to service design and new business development, but the truth is that Angry Ventures is a bit more than that.
We have a job opening for a journalist looking for his first work experience in multimedia journalism. The opportunity concerns podcast production (audio and video) in English.

Job’s description:

The project includes creating a podcast project about business development in English. It will be necessary to conceptualize and produce everything from scratch: create the argument, plan interviews and contact potential interviewees, conduct interviews and publish them.


Part-time regime;
Remote work;
Employment contract;
It is not mandatory to have a journalist’s license.


Develop and produce podcast concept according to customer specifications;
Define name, niche, visual materials and choose channels;
Plan next steps and outline tasks that allow the execution of the aforementioned podcast;
Schedule initiatives and define people of interest to invite;
Contact and interview guests;
Understand the needs of the company to curate content and align them with the execution of the project;
Do research, fact-checking, and prepare information for planned episodes;
Edit episodes of the podcast and its post-production;
Edit and optimize audio and argument;
Manage community;
Coordinate with other team members to share best practices and progress, working independently and as a team.


Degree (completed or in progress) in relevant areas such as media, communication studies, journalism, etc.;
Excellent oral and written communication skills;
Level C1 or C2 of English and excellent oral and written communication skills in that language;
An appreciation for audiovisual media;
Knowledge of audiovisual media and equipment for capturing, recording, and producing oral journalistic pieces (preferably)
Knowledge about recording and editing audio (equalization, cuts, headroom, compression, etc.);
Knowledge of audio editing programs, such as Audacity or Propaganda (preferably);
Knowledge of SEO.


Flexible hours of 20 hours per week;
Training opportunities and projects in other areas of the company;
Possibility to work from anywhere;
Company retreats.

If you lack some of the points above, but you still think you got what it takes, don’t get hung up by the checklist.

Pioneers are wanted at Angry Ventures. Grab your space suit and join the adventure.

Empresa: Angry Ventures
Local: Remoto
Tipo: Part-time;

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