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Important note: All job offers must fit in the following areas: marketing, advertising, design, journalism, public relations, communication, etc.
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Here’s the biggest national job offering blog
in Focus magazine, Nº333 [1 to 7/3/2006]

A great invention that cames to facilitate the life of all the ones that are looking for a chance
in Iniciativa program, Canal 2: [07/20/2006]

The most spoken job offering site in the last times
in PCMais magazine [March 2006]

Welcome to carga de trabalhos!!

carga de trabalhos was born in August 2004, of the will to provide to the professionals of the communication sector (communication, marketing, journalism, advertising, design, public relations, media, etc.) a space that centers all the job offers of this areas.

carga de trabalhos provides all the portuguese communication sector job offers and also international job offers (with a special focus on design jobs).

Updated daily, carga de trabalhos still offers other excellent information for the professionals of this areas, like news, events, contests, a regularly updated store, a portuguese Apple classifieds page, as well as a complete set of links of all the pertinent websites for the users.

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