professional fundraiser – or – marketer with fundraising experience

About this project:
Group Income is a user-friendly way of providing your friends, family, or community, with a minimum income, without relying on politics. Group Income (the app) is built upon a novel protocol and framework for creating open source, decentralized, and end-to-end encrypted applications.

About this position:
Seeking someone who excels at one or more of the following:
– Crowdfunding
– Marketing for crowdfunding
– Grant writing
– General fundraising

Required attributes:
– Proven track record.
– Able to commit at least 15 hours per week for the next 5 months or so. We do weekly video chats on Monday at 8am Pacific Time.
– Are excited by what we’re creating.

Hourly rate in cryptocurrency (or USD if there is no other way).

Here’s how to maximize your chances of getting the position:
Have a look through the pages of our website: (maybe watch some videos, read some posts).
Decide whether this project excites you. We’re only looking for people who are genuinely interested/excited in what we’re creating.
Proceed to Application Instructions below and apply as soon as you can.

Application Instructions:
Send an email to telling us:
What you’re interested in doing (crowdfunding? marketing? grant writing? some other type of fundraising?) and why you think we should hire you.
What, if anything, you think you might have trouble with (be honest).
Your fundraising background, including examples of fundraising work you’ve done in the past and the results.
Link(s) to portfolio(s) if you have any.
Any questions/concerns you have.
How soon you’ll be able to start.
Install Keybase ( and send a copy of that email to greg (

We should respond back within a week or so of receiving your application (depending on how many responses we’ve received so far).

See the official job posting on our site:

Empresa: Group Income
Local: Miami, Florida – Remoto
Tipo: Part-time; Freelancer;

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