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We are looking for an Assistant Producer for regular jobs to join us as a freelancer. We are a growing visual project based in Lisbon and we aim to take 10 to 12 shoots a month (sometimes 15 to 16) about 4 hours long each. Assistant Producer will work alongside a Producer or by him/herself.

Here is a brief description of the project:
Some may describe us as suppliers of visual content. We like to think of ourselves as creatives who tell stories of wellbeing that connect and inspire. We are a group of independent photographers, videographers, production and post-production professionals who work together to create versatile visual media showing everyday moments between real people.
We produce photographic and video content for Stock Images Libraries. We are always looking for interesting and beautiful locations to shoot in. We try to capture, clean, fresh inspiring images of non-specific and general spaces.
We are not a traditional video production with heavy equipment and two dozen people which block any usual life in the place where they shoot and attract a lot of attention. We are opposite. Usually, there are only 3-4 people on our shoot. We use only natural light and our cameras are not big. Choosing the quietest time of the day, we do not disturb people who usually use location. And our shoots last only 3-4 hours. Our shoot looks like a group of friends making their private pictures.

● Gender: any
● Age: any
● Cv is required
● No bad habits

● Accuracy
● Punctuality is a must
● Honesty
● Strong ability to communicate in Portuguese and English (writing and speaking)
● Good organizational skills
● Experience as a producer or assistant producer is required
● Experience as a location manager is preferable
● Experience as a casting producer is preferable

If you are interested in our project, and ready for the challenge, please send us your resume😊

Empresa: Kampus Project
Local: Lisbon
Tipo: Freelancer;

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