looking for devops/full time

Need a devops engineer to maintain and improve the deployment infrastructure.
Knowledge in AWS, EC2, IIS Express, Docker, Octopus Deploy, DBup or similar tool to deploy databases and finally some YAML concepts also would be nice.

The main tasks are:
– Maintain and improve AWS instances to be ready to deploy two services, that are independent, and a frontend using ReactJs.
– Maintain and improve the Octopus Deploy configuration to manage all these three projects, using environment variables when it’s possible.
– Configure DbUp or other to be ready to deploy changes made to databases.
– Maintain our Bitbucket pipelines. When a commit to a specific branch is made to a branch the deploy process should be triggered. This is already done but integration with Octoupus Deploy is needed;
– Finally we need to have a second opinion if Docker is really necessary on our solution for now, since both of our services live in the same solution. The idea is, if possible
to have two separate deploys for the same solution, if that is really possible.

Depending on available time of the applicant, the offer could be made by milestones or by hour. Experience managing these technologies
and their know how is also very relevant.

Empresa: North Music Group
Local: Remoto
Tipo: Full-time;

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