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digital marketing (media buyer)

You’ll be responsible for the day to day running of various campaigns, with a particular focus on activating, reporting and optimization.
You’ll be working across both paid social media channels such as Facebook, Native Ads and PPC search channels like Google.
More important than experience, though, is that you come with a willingness to learn and a desire to shake-up the established advertising industry.

Responsibilities for this role:
* Plan, develop, and implement comprehensive paid media strategies to drive new user acquisition and leads via paid Facebook, Instagram and Adwords campaigns.
* Use Facebook Ads Manager and Google Analytics to develop insights and action items intended to increase our clients’ revenues month-over-month.
* Identify and select the best alternative paid social channel or medium for an advertising campaign (outside of Facebook or Instagram) based on an in-depth market analysis, including audience demographics, media usage, ratings, etc.
* Monitoring purchased media to ensure that the advertisements appear as planned.

Skills & Experience:
* A comprehensive understanding of Facebook Ads.
* Google AdWords.
* Google Analytics.
* Conversion / Funnel optimisation.
* Strong written and communications skills.
* Good copywriting and grammar skills.
* Knowledge of SEO.

Empresa: Adventure Investments
Local: Esposende
Tipo: Full-time;

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