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Veriditas Et Veritas is a new project with international ambitions of changing the world and we need a graphic designer.

The third industrial revolution is seconds away and about to hit us like a mega-storm.

Decentralised, localised and globalised economies of everything intercommunicating seamlessly. The internet of things creating ultimate aggregate efficiency at a rate of knots light years ahead of what any major economy in the whole of human history has ever been able to achieve and Artificial intelligence disrupting the flow of people and capital to a greater extent than the Wall Street crash of 1929.

Our company seeks to take mankind back to its roots through a series of ambitious projects.

By giving people, a green, self-sustainable, carbon negative, residual source of income whilst allowing them to levy themselves against the incoming flow of unemployment due to artificial intelligence job loss disturbance at potentially zero sunk costs to themselves we may have a shot at shaving a few degrees of the climate change projection models.

Oska:(CEO) originally from the UK. Having created projects all over the world and previously having ran my own design agency I’ve moved to Portugal to set up international headquarters of this new ambitious project. This is my fourth major Startup project and we are looking to employ the best.

Lucas: (CMO) he’s head of everything community related and has currently indexed the whole internets content related to our Project.

Jules: (CBS) French, Jules heads up all product development and delivery infrastructure for our project.

We currently are supported by advisers such a Jonathan MacDonald (New York Times bestseller and internationally renowned business strategist).

We are looking for somebody with incredible creative talent to support our project with everything and anything creatively and graphically themed. We are looking for somebody who seeks creative freedom and is willing to work hard to bring their ideas to reality.

If you are a graphic designer and want to work for one of the most ambitious projects you’ve ever heard of in your life please send your portfolio to the email.

There is a two-month probationary period and if successful you will receive vesting stock option.

Do not be shy to apply, the most important trait is passion.


Empresa: Oska Keene
Local: Cachiluas
Tipo: Full-time;

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